About Ann Bauer

Like most writers, I live pretty quietly. I wake up at 7, drink coffee, write, visit the dog park with my AmStaff (Ellie), drink more coffee, eat eggs, and maybe go to a yoga class at noon. The rest of the day looks much the same, with lots of futzing over a keyboard and a half-hearted swipe of the vacuum cleaner or a grocery store run. I switch to red wine—or dark beer—around 5 p.m.

Like most people, I’ve had a few remarkable experiences in between long stretches of ordinary. There is a piece of it in every one of my novels. I did have a son with autism (A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards); my husband is a gentle mathematician ((The Forever Marriage); and I have been looking for faith all my life (Forgiveness 4 You).

Here’s a list of biographical details about me: